• Built-in air bag with feature of no deformation for long-term use.

  • Easily adjusted to custom fit and provide solid support to lower back.

  • The ergonomically designed and calculated curve will fit into your body curve.

  • Inflatable air bag ensures perfect fit to your lower back and provides great support.

  • Prevents the body from staying in a position for long period, avoiding twisting spine.

  • Patented design.


The patented inflatable air bags are specifically designed to fit the lower back. The air bags on both sides are served as soft human hands that fit and hold your lower back. The inflatable air bag can be easily adjusted to your custom fit.

The lumbar spine has its natural physiological curvature. Incorrect sitting posture will affect the curvature, causing spinal diseases such as scoliosis.

The built-in air pump can easily adjust the air bags to your desired position that best fits your lower back and provides great support.

It is highly suggested to use comfortable and supportive back cushion, especially for those sitting on chairs without original great back support.

Correct sitting posture is beneficial for blood circulation and alleviation of lower back pain. It prevents spine deformation caused by prolonged sitting in the same posture.

Prolonged sitting results in poor blood circulation and puts high tension on the lower back. According to a medical study, there is nearly twice more stress on lower back in sitting than standing. If having your body inclined down to 20 degrees, it takes three times tension.

Improper sitting posture or having your body inclined down too much will lead to disc herniation which is the main cause of lower back pain. Bending forward places high pressure on the discs between each vertebra, forcing the discs move backwards and turns into disc herniation in the long term. The herniated discs compress spinal nerve and cause lower back pain.