This is the easiest way to shape your hip while sitting and sit with perfect posture. Sitting down will never put unnecessary pressure on your spine and back again.

Only HipJoy's patented self-inflatable air sponge can cup the gluteus muscles and stop them from flattening, effectively stopping the automatic tightening of your back's muscles when you sit. This avoids pain and strain, and keeps more stress off your back's muscles, joints, and ligaments. 


3 independent and inflatable air bags allow you to adjust your unique and most comfortable sitting posture.

Simply sit on HipJoy and press any of three valve buttons to deflate air bag. To inflate air bag back, simply lift your hip off HipJoy while pressing any of three valve buttons.

HipJoy is designed to perfectly to wrap around your whole hip and keep your hip in a good shape.

HipJoy gently tilts your pelvis forward to induce a neutral position for your spine. Aligning the sacral region corrects the dysfunctional mechanics caused by sitting.

Your pelvis will float in a natural and protective air sponge.

Sit with perfect posture to release pressure on your spine and back.

Size: 41 x 38 x 8.5 cm

Weight: 500 g

Material: polyester, polyester foam, synthetic leather