Electric Heating Pads

Heat therapy increases the temperature of affected area, improving circulation by opening blood vessels, and further alleviating pain. Find wide selection of heating pads that take care of your knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, waist and lower back. Whether you suffer from injury, soreness, pain or only good health care, Well-Day heat therapy wrap and electric heating pads are your top choice for pain care, stress relief and personal health care. 

Features of Heating Pad:

  • Three temperature setting from 65°C, 55°C to 45°C. 30 minutes automatic shutdown for safe use. 

  • Breathable fabric with gentle texture provides comfort wear and moisture wicking.

  • Fabric contains far infrared, germanium alloy, and negative ion to alleviate pain and encourage blood circulation

  • Non-electromagnetic wave, anti-static, anti-odor.

  • Multi-source power supply. Connect to variable power sources, such as power bank, computer, car charger or more.

  • Medical grade. GMP, FDA, CE and ISO certified. 

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