• Three temperature setting from 65°C, 55°C to 45°C. 30 minutes automatic shutdown for safe use. 

  • Breathable fabric for comfort wear and moisture wicking.

  • Fabric inclusive of far infrared, germanium alloy, negative ion to alleviate pain and encourage blood circulation.

  • Non-electromagnetic wave, anti-static, anti-odor.

  • Multi-source power supply. Connect to variable power sources, such as power bank, computer, car charger or more.

  • Medical grade. CE and ISO certified. GMP and FDA approved. 

  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Contains elbow heating pad, short USB cable, long USB cable, power bank pouch, manual, warranty.

  • Three year warranty.



Three-Phase temperature control. Protective setting for safe use.

(30 minutes automatic shutdown)


  • Germanium Alloy Fabric- The inorganic germanium alloy, via high temperature sintering and nano-grinding, is built inside the fiber to make fabric releases large volume of negative ion by light friction, force, light and heat over 32  °C, such as body temperature. Via breath and skin, it neutralizes body cation, also called positive ion and the source of fatigue, to relieve tiredness, activate cell, and enhance immunity.

  It also features:

  • Far Infrared Ray- Enhance hypodermic blood capillary circulation and increase metabolism.

  • Anti-Odor- Germanium alloy, processed by high temperature and nano grinding, will turn into powder that generates innumerable fine pore to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odor.

  • Anti-Static- Germanium alloy belongs to a kind of semiconductor. Its great conductivity property gives anti-static features that provide you more comfortable wearing.




Heat therapy increases the temperature of affected area, improving circulation by opening blood vessels, and further alleviating pain.

Heat therapy can relief pain caused by spasm, effectively treating bruise and inflammation.

Heat therapy helps the blood vessels dilate that increases blood flow to the affected area, accelerating healing.

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